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Detroit Camper & RV Show

February 4-8, 2015
Novi, Mich.

Battle Creek Camper & RV Show

February 19-22, 2015
Battle Creek, Mich.

Flint Camper & RV Show

March 19-22, 2015
Flint, Mich.

Northwest Michigan Camper & RV Show

March 27-29, 2015
Traverse City, Mich.

Fall Detroit Camper & RV Show

October, 2015
Novi, Mich.

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Don't fear the pump!
Savvy RVers know how to save fuel

When it comes to miles per gallon, don't let the size of an RV fool you; today's models are getting better mileage and are more fuel efficient than ever. Check out how savvy RVers save fuel:

Tips to Conserve Fuel

  • Camp closer to home. With more than 16,000 campgrounds nationwide, RVers can enjoy the outdoor experience whether they travel five miles or 500 miles.
  • Stay longer in one place. Many RV parks are vacation destinations in their own right, offering pools, playgrounds, hiking trails, entertainment centers, organized activities, convenience stores and so much more.
  • Cook your family favorites in the convenience of an RV, to avoid the high costs of eating out.
  • Drive 55 instead of 65. Keeping speed constant and lower saves fuel, saving you money.
  • Pack lighter by not topping off fresh water tanks until at the campground and by purchasing firewood and other camping materials on-site to keep the RV lightweight while traveling. Be sure holding tanks are dumped before heading out to further lighten the load.
  • Tune up the engine of your motorhome or tow vehicle, inflate tires properly and conduct regular maintenance to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Use the grade of fuel recommended by the engine manufacturer to increase miles per gallon.
  • In the summer months, travel earlier in the day when the weather is cooler and the vehicle air conditioning is needed less.
Some other facts to keep in mind:
  • Fuel is typically only the fourth largest expense on a road trip, behind lodging, food, vehicle payment and maintenance.
  • Airfares and hotel rates also rise when fuel costs increase and fuel surcharges are added. You can avoid those costs in an RV.
  • Fuel prices would need to more than triple from their current level to make RVing more expensive for a family of four than other forms of travel.

Source: Go RVing

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